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In 2006, a heinous, sexually motivated murder occurred in Nashville. The perpetrator was never apprehended, and the crime, like so many others, became just another cold case. Ten years later, a murder was committed, with details eerily similar to the crime committed in 2006. But this time, they apprehended the man all of the evidence indicated was guilty–Nashville Private Investigator Barrett Armstrong. He now sits behind bars charged with the horrific murder of his lover and awaiting trial. Read more >>>



Forever Bound


Does your attorney have your best interest in mind? Is your attorney really doing all an attorney can do to ensure you aren’t convicted of a crime you never committed?

Rosa Norway represented criminal defendants throughout middle Tennessee, and she used every trick in the book to ensure her clients were exonerated. But when Angelo Bonaventura retained her to represent him after he had been charged with murder, and she eventually concluded he was in fact guilty, suddenly her position became unclear. Read more >>>

Out of Reach

SynopsisOut of Reach (cover)

Their only child was kidnapped and never found. Six years later, the only remaining portion of Jim Markman’s life, remaining relatively unscathed, was his status as assistant district attorney for Davidson County, Tennessee.

His marriage had fallen apart, his desire to interact with any aspect of society was nonexistent, and he found it hard to turn down a drink of any kind that contained alcohol. Read more >>>


SynopsisBrakus Cover

Brakus is the story of Roy Brakus, a quirky professional thief who knows the answer to all of life’s questions except how to change his own dishonest profession and how to control his obsessive compulsive behavior.

His life however, changes quickly when, in the middle of a burglary, everything goes horribly wrong.

From there on, it becomes a race against time as Brakus sets out to make sure the horrible crimes he committed become, at least in the eyes of the legal community, the responsibility of anyone other than him. Read more >>>

Everything He Touched (Brakus Book 2)

SynopsisEverything He Touched Cover

With the carnage he created in the Green Mountains of Vermont in his rear view mirror, Roy Brakus is ready to move forward into new virgin territory.

Unfortunately, he was unable to leave his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or the Glock he used recently to solve most of his problems, in those same Green Mountains.

Even though the territory is new, Roy still finds himself haunted by past mistakes and a continuing need to control everything and everyone around him. Read more >>>

With Nothing to Lose (Brakus Book 3)

SynopsisWith Nothing To Lose

Shot twice and lying face down in the Cumberland River would normally conclude the existence of most mortal men. But using another of his many lives, Roy Barkus, with one foot in the grave, crawls out again, with his obsessions running rampant and his sanity on the brink of obliteration.

Slowly and deliberately Brakus stalks his arch nemeses, Kat Rickter, seeking to end her existence on this earth once and for all. Kat, after discovering in a most tragic manner that Brakus had survived her efforts to destroy him, uses every second of every day to first locate him and then finish the job she failed to successfully complete on the banks of the Cumberland. Read more >>>

An Absence of Ethics

SynopsisAbsence of Ethics Cover

Rosa Norway moved upward through the ranks of legions of attorneys practicing in Nashville, until she had finally become one of the premier criminal attorneys in the city. But, she crossed the line and suddenly found herself on the cusp of losing everything she had worked so hard to achieve.

She woke up one morning in the arms of John Hampton, the Criminal Court Judge presiding over a pending case of manslaughter involving her client, Jake McKay. Read more >>>

Whisper of Hope

SynopsisAbsence of Ethics Cover

When Hope Whitmore’s four-year old son becomes the subject of a custody battle, she quickly realizes she is in the fight of her life. Hope would accept nothing less than complete and total custody. She desperately needed an attorney to represent her interests in the looming battle, but more than that she needed an attorney she could depend on to win. Nashville trial attorney David Brenden, came highly recommended and after meeting with him he agreed to represent her interests. Unfortunately, along with his legal abilities, came a few personal problems of his own. His practice was becoming more than he could handle—it seemed lately everyone wanted to dissolve their marriage. David was also finishing up his own divorce, dealing with his mother’s illness and playing nursemaid to his brother who never met a drug he didn’t like.

During all those many months of litigation that follow, David and Hope fall desperately in love. But as the litigation comes to an end, and after all she has endured, Hope concludes she must leave Nashville and all the bad memories of her immediate past, behind. She begs David to leave with her, to start a new life with her somewhere else. But how can he possibly leave all that he has ever known, including his family and his livelihood for her? Does he stay? Or is the intimate relationship they established through all these months of ligation strong enough to pull David away from all he has ever known and remain by her side? Read more >>>

To Hide from a Northern Wind: Spencer Creek


In 1875, Clem Jenkins purchased a farm along the banks of Spencer Creek, just outside the town of Lebanon, Tennessee. The property bordered the farm of George Masters, and, at least initially, the relationship between the two families, remained cordial. What started as a disagreement concerning the withdrawal of water from the creek, soon extended to any conversation between the two men. Clem achieved his desired result with force, using either his .45, or some other strong-arm method. George was successful while using his intellect, and his ability to persuade. Both approaches were successful in prior dealings with others but not with each other. Whatever the issue might be – water rights, their crops, their children, or their women – they simply could not agree on anything.  So began a never-ending deadly game of conflict, litigation, and murder, involving the families, their spouses, their children and their grandchildren.

Even as both families grew through the years and eventually moved to Nashville, the conflict continued, spilling out into the streets through four generations, until finally coming to a completely unpredictable ending in 2016.


To Hide from a Northern Wind: Wilson County (Book 2 of 4) 


The war between both families during the early twentieth century, explodes, fueled by murder and moonshine. Back and forth they played their deadly game, with first one family assuming the role of antagonist and the other protagonist, then reversing their roles for the next confrontation. Even though both of the founding fathers of the Jenkins family and the Masters family were now gone, their absence only seemed to help fuel the animosity between remaining family members. Whether at a church social, or while tending their moonshine in the hills of middle Tennessee, the subject matter of their conflict seemed to expand exponentially, drawing in both old and new members to fight the battle. Eventually, both families found a new life in Nashville, away from the battlefield of Wilson County. But not long after settling, they soon determined even a city of that size wasn’t large enough to avoid the conflict. Both families continued to find new methods to finish old issues. Using force and intimidation, their violence throughout the city of Nashville turned the streets red with family blood along with the blood of any innocent bystander unlucky enough to find himself caught in the crossfire.

To Hide from a Northern Wind: Nashville Divided (Vol. 3)


During the mid-twentieth century, as both families relocate to Nashville, not even a world war. nor deadly racial conflict could deter the Masters family and the Jenkins family from continuing their own personal feud. As the world fell apart around them, the Jenkins Family and the Masters family remained oblivious. But as literally every individual’s life was affected in some manner, by two world wars, the Vietnam conflict, and issues of race, neither family cared about anything other than the hatred that existed between them. Unfortunately, no one seemed to have an answer to resolve the wars nor the racial issues, just as no one seemed able to offer a satisfactory solution to end the continuing deadly conflict involving both families.

To Hide from a Northern Wind: River of Tears (Vol. 4) 


The remaining members of both families call a truce and consolidate their efforts to protect one of their own. But knowing their history, how long can that last? As the world continues to stumble its way through the twentieth century and initial members of the families pass on, the hatred seems to dissipate as each faction moves in its own direction—Albert as a minister, Randall and Susan as attorneys. Surprisingly, a sudden turn of events finds both Susan and Randall on the same side of the council table, in the courtroom, fighting for the very life of Albert. The country struggles to find a way to resolve racial and sexual discrimination issues along with trying to understand the events of 9/11. However, inside that courtroom, Randall and Susan create a formidable legal team as they use every available legal maneuver they know, to save Albert from what would more than likely amount to a death sentence as he spends his foreseeable future in prison. At least superficially, all appears appropriate between the three remaining family members. But is it only just a matter of time before all those old family issues resurface once again?

When Next We Meet


For nearly a quarter of a century Ann Jackson searched for her mother’s murderer. Now, just when she thinks she might have found him, the hunter becomes the hunted.

Ann Jackson recently graduated from law school. Immediately after passing the bar exam, she found a job practicing law with an older, highly experienced attorney, which, for her, was a dream come true.

Now, if she could just silence the dreams—the nightmares she had experienced weekly since she was five years old—the night she watched through a thin space between the closet door frame and the door, as an unknown assailant murdered her mother.

She had done all she could during the past twenty years to determine who had committed the crime that left her without a mother. But now, just as she believes she has found him, suddenly the tables are turned—he becomes the hunter, and she, the hunted.