With Nothing to Lose

SynopsisWith Nothing To Lose

Shot twice and lying face down in the Cumberland River would normally conclude the existence of most mortal men. But using another of his many lives, Roy Barkus, with one foot in the grave, crawls out again, with his obsessions running rampant and his sanity on the brink of obliteration.

Slowly and deliberately Brakus stalks his arch nemeses, Kat Rickter, seeking to end her existence on this earth once and for all. Kat, after discovering in a most tragic manner that Brakus had survived her efforts to destroy him, uses every second of every day to first locate him and then finish the job she failed to successfully complete on the banks of the Cumberland.

Unfortunately, innocent parties become entangled within the efforts of each enemy, resulting in devastating results for the victim and their families. Collateral damage, for both rivals, ultimately becomes clearly secondary to the successful conclusion of the mission.

A battle to the death explodes between these two antagonists and only one will prevail. Neither can release their obsession to rid the earth of the other. ROY vs. KAT—ONE LIVES, ONE DIES.

Below find an excerpt from one of the chapters of With Nothing To Lose:

She felt no fear. She remained in the moment while trying to determine what her next move might be. With pistol in hand, she ran toward the barn. Within those walls, she knew her way around and would have a small advantage once there. She heard another shot as she approached the open barn doors but felt nothing, so she knew he had, once again, missed his mark.