Everything He Touched

SynopsisEverything He Touched Cover

With the carnage he created in the Green Mountains of Vermont in his rear view mirror, Roy Brakus is ready to move forward into new virgin territory.

Unfortunately, he was unable to leave his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or the Glock he used recently to solve most of his problems, in those same Green Mountains.

Even though the territory is new, Roy still finds himself haunted by past mistakes and a continuing need to control everything and everyone around him.

He knows it’s a dangerous game he plays. And unfortunately for him and for everyone he touches, it seems the harder he tries to maintain control of his life the more mistakes he makes—the more evil he creates —the more issues he must ultimately resolve.

In this sequel to Brakus, we find Roy involved in a continuing series of problems none of which enjoy a simple conclusion.

Could this finally mark the end of the road for this quirky, professional thief once and for all? Or will he continue his journey leaving a wake of destruction and an ever increasing body count in his path?

Below find a portion of the prologue from Everything He Touched:

The thief laughed under his breath, which he could see escaping into the cold November air. He was breaking every rule he’d ever made by taking on this job so soon after the unholy mess in Vermont. He was working in the daylight, because timing dictated it. He was going in unarmed, having sacrificed his trusty Glock in order to throw the authorities off his scent. And, thanks to this upstate New York homeowner’s foolishly candid comments on Facebook, he was pillaging a home he had never cased. Go ahead and enjoy the sun in Mazatlán, he mused. But post the selfies of you and your new boyfriend on the beach when you get home, not while you’re still tipping back margaritas.