SynopsisBrakus Cover

Brakus is the story of Roy Brakus, a quirky professional thief who knows the answer to all of life’s questions except how to change his own dishonest profession and how to control his obsessive compulsive behavior.

His life however, changes quickly when, in the middle of a burglary, everything goes horribly wrong.

From there on, it becomes a race against time as Brakus sets out to make sure the horrible crimes he committed become, at least in the eyes of the legal community, the responsibility of anyone other than him.

Below find a portion of the prologue from Brakus:

Every job came down to this moment, when the planning and the preparation gave way to fear and exhilaration, when he could feel his heart in his throat, when his blood was sick with giddiness.

He gingerly set the oil-fed glass cutter on the back deck, pausing a moment to admire its shape—in the darkness it could have easily passed for a long-handled, short-barreled pistol—and its ingenuity. The small stone cutting wheel at the tip, though too dull to do serious harm to human skin or even a freshly baked thin-crust pizza, was nevertheless perfectly suited to its purpose. The clear handle, still one quarter full of oil, had never borne the mark of a fingerprint, having gone straight from the assembly line to the store shelves to his gloved hands. Tonight marked its first, last, and only use. Like all other tools of the trade, it would lead a short but glorious life before being cast aside, buried in the New England woods…